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    Below you will find answers to your questions about enrollment and eligibility requirements, along with all the dates and forms you need.

    MVS Enrollment & Eligibility

    Memphis Virtual School is not an only learning “option,” but an actual public school within the Shelby County Schools district. Available to students throughout the state of Tennessee, students may enroll full-time and even graduate from our school. Additionally, learners can attend on a part-time basis taking between one (1) and three (3) courses. Full-time applications are accepted in both the Fall and Spring with application materials submitted on our website. Part-time applicants complete enrollment information at the school of primary enrollment via their designated school counselor.

    Before enrolling on a full-time basis, students and parents should consider whether online learning best serves the learner's educational needs. Virtual School is modeled after the collegiate style of online learning and delivered primarily in an asynchronous format, which means that students learn independently, without live interaction with a teacher. Courses are constructed around modules and lessons allowing students to work independently and advance at their own pace with the support and help of a highly qualified, certified teacher. Teachers are assigned to each class but are only available for academic support during evening virtual office hours.


    Wondering if your child would do well as a virtual school student? If your child meets the following criteria, chances are they will experience success with online, independent study:


    Virtual Learning Success Indicators

    (1) The applicant has a 2.8 grade point average (GPA) at the high school level. At the middle and elementary school level, the applicant has an overall "C" average in all courses, with no F’s on the previous report card.

    (2) The applicant was promoted to the next grade (not retained the previous school year).

    (3) If the applicant has an IEP, they receive no more than 5 hours of direct educational services or support from the current school of enrollment.

    (4) High school applicants are on-pace to graduate, with the designated graduation cohort, in 4 years and a summer.

    (5) The applicant completes all mandatory new student induction activities required by Memphis Virtual School.


    Eligibility Waiver Request

    In the event an applicant is denied admission due to available seating or is requesting special enrollment consideration outside of the established enrollment windows, a waiver can be requested. Special consideration is also given to siblings of approved MVS scholars. CLICK HERE FOR WAIVER



    Transfers to Other Schools

    Accepted students will enroll at Memphis Virtual School for the entire Fall 2021 semester. After acceptance and enrollment, learners cannot transfer to another Shelby County School until the Spring 2022 semester. Enrolled students will also be able to continue with Memphis Virtual School during the Spring 2022 semester.


    Note: Students currently accepted or enrolled in an SCS Optional School or Choice School will not have their seats reserved upon enrolling at Memphis Virtual School . However, students may re-apply via the district’s general choice application process.


    Please follow this 2-part process to complete your Spring 2022 application.

    STEP 1: Watch this short video.

    STEP 2: Click this picture to apply!

  • Device Request

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