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    Below you will find answers to your questions about enrollment and eligibility requirements, along with all the dates and forms you need.

    MVS Enrollment & Eligibility

    Memphis Virtual School is not an only learning “option,” but an actual public school within the Memphis-Shelby County Schools district. Available to students throughout the state of Tennessee, students may enroll full-time and even graduate from our school. Additionally, learners can attend on a part-time basis taking between one (1) and four (4) courses. Full-time students may enroll using the MSCS general enrollment protocols (include link). Part-time students complete enrollment information at the school of primary enrollment via their designated school counselor.

    Before enrolling on a full-time basis, students and parents should consider whether online learning best serves the learner's educational needs. Virtual School is modeled after the collegiate style of online learning and delivered primarily in an asynchronous format, which means that students learn independently, with limited live interaction with an instructor. Courses are constructed around modules and lessons allowing students to work independently and advance at their own pace with the support and help of a highly qualified, certified teacher. Teachers are assigned to each class but are only available for academic support during evening virtual office hours.


    Wondering if your child would do well as a virtual school student? If your child meets the following criteria, chances are they will experience success with online, independent study:


    Virtual Learning Success Indicators

    (1) The applicant has a 2.8 grade point average (GPA) at the high school level. At the middle and elementary school level, the applicant has an overall "C" average in all courses, with no F’s on the previous report card.

    (2) The applicant was promoted to the next grade (not retained the previous school year).

    (3) If the applicant has an IEP, they receive no more than 5 hours of direct educational services or support from the current school of enrollment.

    (4) High school applicants are on-pace to graduate, with the designated graduation cohort, in 4 years and a summer.

    (5) The applicant completes all mandatory new student induction activities required by Memphis Virtual School.


    Eligibility Waiver Request

    In the event an applicant is denied admission due to available seating or is requesting special enrollment consideration outside of the established enrollment windows, a waiver can be requested. Special consideration is also given to siblings of approved MVS scholars. CLICK HERE FOR WAIVER


    Note: Students currently accepted or enrolled in an SCS Optional School or Choice School will not have their seats reserved upon enrolling at Memphis Virtual School . However, students may re-apply via the district’s general choice application process.

  • Family Engagement Plan 2023-2024

    members The Memphis Virtual School Family Engagement Plan was jointly developed with parents and has established expectations for parental involvement and to define the school’s commitment to providing parents with the necessary information and skills to help their children achieve academic excellence.


    Parental Commitment

    Memphis Virtual School parents will act as advisors, resource persons, and coordinators in the following ways:

    • Supporting our school’s efforts to help their child achieve academically and understand the

    State’s academic content standards and the State’s student achievement standards

    • Supporting our school’s efforts to maintain a safe and respectful environment.

    • Encouraging their child to solve conflicts peacefully.

    • Assisting their child with homework and special projects.

    • Expressing ideas, concerns, and suggestions to teachers and school administrators. A process is in place if it is not satisfactory to the parents.

    • Providing frequent and meaningful attention to help their child reach their full potential in school.

    • Maintaining ongoing communication, including attending parent/teacher conferences, literacy training, and using technology to foster parental involvement.

    • Becoming Memphis Virtual School supporters and advocates within their community.


    Title I Commitment

    Title I requires that Memphis Virtual School parents, administrators, staff, and community members work together to plan for and ensure high quality academic programs in the following ways:


    • Making parents and community members aware of the school’s participation in Title I and Memphis Virtual School’s participation is state and federal programs.

    • Providing timely information to families about programs and policies.

    • Encouraging parents to observe and volunteer in the school’s programs and classrooms as well as Informing parents of their right to be involved.

    • Providing parents with ongoing, current student information and progress reports and ensuring that they are invited to annual meetings.

    • Soliciting ongoing feedback and suggestions from parents on decisions relating to the education of their children.

    • Providing parents with copies and explanations of the Family Engagement Plan and Parent/Student/School Compact.

    • Assisting parents in understanding Memphis Virtual School’s curriculum, assessments used to measure student progress, and the proficiency levels students are expected to meet.


    School Commitment

    Memphis Virtual School will encourage families to become meaningfully engaged in their child’s

    education by doing the following:


    • Inviting all parents to the annual meetings that will be held during the school year to inform them of Title I requirements, the school’s participation in Title I, and the rights of parents to be involved in the school.

    • Conducting regular and flexible number of parent meetings to keep parents informed of current events and issues, curriculum, academic assessments, proficiency levels, progress reports, and parent/teacher conferences.

    • Involving parents in organized and ongoing development and future revisions of the School Improvement Plan, Family Engagement Plan, Parent/Compact, and other documents and programs.

    • Providing appropriate resources to support school learning.

    • Provide timely information about parent programs, opportunities for regular meetings and training, as well as family services to improve the parent’s ability to help with their child’s education.

    • Eliminating language barriers for limited English proficiency parents by providing written and verbal communication in their primary language.

    • Listening to those we serve, our parents, students, and stakeholders, to help gain insight into the

    hearts, minds, and cultures of our families and use this information to develop and administer

    programs and policies that positively affect our student’s school experience.

    Plan de Participacion Familiar 2023-2024

    El Plan de Participación Familiar de la Escuela Virtual de Memphis se desarrolló conjuntamente con los padres y ha establecido la expectativa de participación de los padres y para definir el compromiso de la escuela de proporcionar a los padres la información y las habilidades necesarias para ayudar a sus hijos a alcanzar la excelencia académica.


    Compromiso de los padres

    Los padres de la Escuela Virtual de Memphis actuarán como asesores, personas de recursos y coordinadores de las siguientes maneras:

    • Apoyar los esfuerzos de nuestra escuela para ayudar a su hijo a alcanzar el rendimiento académico y comprender el

    Estándares de contenido académico del estado y estándares de rendimiento estudiantil del estado

    • Apoyar los esfuerzos de nuestra escuela para mantener un ambiente seguro y respetuoso.

    • Animar a su hijo a resolver conflictos de forma pacífica.

    • Ayudar a su hijo con la tarea y los proyectos especiales.

    • Expresar ideas, inquietudes y sugerencias a los maestros y administradores escolares. Se ha establecido un proceso si no es satisfactorio para los padres.

    • Proporcionar atención frecuente y significativa para ayudar a su hijo a alcanzar su máximo potencial en la escuela.

    • Mantener una comunicación continua, incluida la asistencia a conferencias de padres y maestros, capacitación en alfabetización y el uso de la tecnología para fomentar la participación de los padres.

    • Convertirse en partidarios y defensores de la Escuela Virtual de Memphis dentro de su comunidad.


    Compromiso del Título I

    El Título I requiere que los padres, administradores, personal y miembros de la comunidad de Memphis Virtual School trabajen juntos para planificar y garantizar programas académicos de alta calidad de las siguientes maneras:


    • Informar a los padres y miembros de la comunidad sobre la participación de la escuela en el Título I y la participación de la Escuela Virtual de Memphis es de los programas estatales y federales.

    • Proporcionar información oportuna a las familias sobre programas y políticas.

    • Animar a los padres a observar y ser voluntarios en los programas y aulas de la escuela, así como informar a los padres de su derecho a participar.

    • Proporcionar a los padres información continua y actual de los estudiantes e informes de progreso y asegurarse de que sean invitados a las reuniones anuales.

    • Solicitar comentarios y sugerencias continuas de los padres sobre las decisiones relacionadas con la educación de sus hijos.

    • Proporcionar a los padres copias y explicaciones del Plan de Participación Familiar y del Pacto entre Padres, Estudiantes y Escuelas.

    • Ayudar a los padres a comprender el plan de estudios de la Escuela Virtual de Memphis, las evaluaciones utilizadas para medir el progreso de los estudiantes y los niveles de competencia que se espera que alcancen los estudiantes.


    Compromiso de la escuela

    La Escuela Virtual de Memphis alentará a las familias a involucrarse de manera significativa en las actividades de sus hijos.

    educación haciendo lo siguiente:


    • Invitar a todos los padres a las reuniones anuales que se llevarán a cabo durante el año escolar para informarles sobre los requisitos del Título I, la participación de la escuela en el Título I y los derechos de los padres a participar en la escuela.

    • Llevar a cabo reuniones periódicas y flexibles con los padres, para mantenerlos informados de las últimas

    eventos y problemas, currículo, evaluaciones académicas, niveles de competencia, informes de progreso y conferencias de padres y maestros.

    • Involucrar a los padres en el desarrollo organizado y continuo y en las revisiones futuras del Plan de Mejoramiento Escolar, el Plan de Participación Familiar, el Pacto para Padres y otros documentos y programas.

    • Proporcionar recursos apropiados para apoyar el aprendizaje escolar.

    • Proporcionar información oportuna sobre los programas para padres, oportunidades para reuniones regulares y capacitación, así como servicios familiares para mejorar la capacidad de los padres para ayudar con la educación de sus hijos.

    • Eliminar las barreras lingüísticas para los padres con dominio limitado del inglés al proporcionar

    comunicación verbal en su lengua materna.

    • Escuchar a aquellos a quienes servimos, nuestros padres, estudiantes y partes interesadas, para ayudar a obtener información sobre el

    los corazones, las mentes y las culturas de nuestras familias y utilizar esta información para desarrollar y administrar

    programas y políticas que afectan positivamente la experiencia escolar de nuestros estudiantes.


  • ParentsElementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)

    Parents' Right-To-Know

    All parents have the right to request the following:

    • A teacher's professional qualifications, which includes: state qualifications, licensure, grade/s certification, waivers

    • A teacher's baccalaureate and /or graduate degree, fields of endorsement, previous teaching experience

    • A paraprofessional's qualifications

    • An assurance that their child's name, address, and telephone listing not be released to military recruiters

    All parents will receive information on the following:

    • Their child's level of achievement in each of the state academic assessments Their option to request a transfer to another school within the district if their child is the victim of a violent crime at school

    • Their right to timely notification that their child has been assigned, or has been taught for four or more consecutive weeks by, a teacher who is not highly qualified


    Ningun Nino Se Queda Atras

    Derecho De los Padres de Familia a saber

    Todos los padres tienen derecho a solicitar 10 siguiente:

    • Las calificaciones profesionales de un maestro, que incluye: Calificaciones del

    Estado, Licenciatura, graos de la certificaci6n, Renuncia a derecho

    • El Bachillerato a Titulo de graduaci6n del maestro, campos de especialidad, experiencia previa

    • La calificaciones del profesional

    • Garantfa que los datos de su hijo como nombre, direcci6n, numero de teléfono, no se entregan a los reclutadores militares

    Todos los padres recibirån informaci6n sobre 10 siguiente:

    • El nivel de rendimiento de su hijo en cada una de las evaluaciones académicas del estado

    • Su opci6n de solicitar un traslado a otra escuela del distrito si su hijo/a es victima de un crimen violento en la escuela

    • Su derecho a aviso con tiempo anticipado que su hijo/a ha sido asignado o ha estado bajo la ensefianza durante cuatro semanas consecutivas o mås, de un maestro que no estå altamente cualificado


  • MVS Title I Student/Parent/School Compact 2023-2024

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  • Virtual School Monitoring Report

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    Please follow this 2-part process to complete your Fall 2022 & Spring 2023 application.

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    STEP 1: Watch this short video.

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    STEP 2: Click this picture to apply!

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    Device Request

    If you need a device or if your device is broken, please click the link below.

  • Memphis Virtual School

    Monitoring Report 2022-23