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    MVS Careers

    MVS Virtual School is just like any other public school with the exception that our courses are online and our instructional staff works part-time. All teachers are hired as employees of Memphis-Shelby County Schools (MSCS) district. Tennessee state law requires that virtual teachers are (1) certified with a current Tennessee license, (2) endorsed in the teaching area, and (3) qualified under No Child Left Behind.
    Instructing online is not for everyone. Effective virtual teachers should have superior communication and interpersonal skills, as well as computer and technology skills using those abilities to engage with learners in innovative and exciting ways. Utilizing online textbooks and a supplemental digital curriculum, instructors are able to focus solely on teaching and learning rather than developing lesson plans. Our asynchronous courses allow teachers and students to access and participate, at different times, not needing to be online simultaneously.
    Our job postings are available on the Memphis-Shelby County Schools website on the Human Resources Careers page under “Instructional Positions,” (ex. teachers), "School-Based Support Positions," (ex. clerical or Campus Monitors), or "Central Office Positions," (ex. Advisors or College & Career Counselors). If you are interested in joining our MVS family, there's no need to send a resume directly to Memphis Virtual School. Instead, click the button below, and follow the instructions to apply online.


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